Quilt Prep

How to prep your quilt top and backing:

Just as a head’s up: I will not mismatch thread color in the top and bottom. Whatever I’m using in the cone is in the bobbin also. Keep this in mind when choosing the color of your backing fabric!

I am not the Quilt Police! I just want to do my very best job for you, and following these steps will help us both.

  • The backing (and batting, if you’re providing it) that you send me must be at least 4′′ bigger than your top on all sides. So, if your top is 80′′x80′′, the backing and batting need to be 88′′x88′′. This allows me to test tension and quilt to the edge of your top without running into my clamps.
  • Trim all loose threads. These can get tangled in the machine thread while I’m quilting. Dark, loose threads can show through the fabric (often called “varicose veins”). We don’t want that!
  • Press your top carefully from the back, making sure all the seams are flat.
  • Please do square your backing fabric. If you piece your backing, it is best to use a 1/2′′ seam. I wrote a blog post all about backing fabric that has loads of information on how to get great results, so if you’re feeling unsure, check it out!
  • If there is an edge to your quilt that you want to be the top, please mark it for me somehow so I’ll know how to orient it. You could just stick a little straight pin at the top! Same for your backing.
  • Please do not add any embellishments like buttons or crystals etc. to the quilt until after I send it back to you.

Your quilt will be as free of tucks and pleats as the piecing allows. I will do my best to hide imperfect piecing, but not all issues can be “quilted out”.