Quilting Services

I do all of my quilting in my pet-free, smoke-free home studio. If you’re interested in booking a quilt with me, please fill out my Inquiry Form.

I charge based on quilt size, with different tiers of pricing:

Edge to edge quilting is quilting in which the design is the same across the entire quilt. It is continuous line quilting worked from the top of the quilt to the bottom. Sometimes they’re called “all-overs”. The pricing for this depends on the complexity of the design and the density of the quilting.

  • Simple edge to edge (E2E) design: 1.5 – 2¢ per square inch.
  • Complex E2E design: 2.5¢ and up per square inch.

Custom quilting is not edge to edge. This type of quilting is tailored to each top (each block!). The pricing depends on the design complexity, starts and stops, thread color changes, thread required, amount of ruler-work, etc.

  • Semi-custom quilting: 3 – 3.5¢ per square inch
  • Custom quilting: 4 – 4.5¢ per square inch
  • Deluxe custom quilting: 5¢ and up per square inch

Batting: You may choose:

  • Quilter’s Dream Cotton Select in White – $15 yd.
  • Quilter’s Dream Blend – $12 yd.

You may also provide your own batting, but it must be 4″ bigger on all sides than the top like your backing. Please see my instructions for Quilt Prep.

There is a minimum order amount of $50.00. I do not have any thread fees or loading fees.

(Optional) Quilt Trimming: $10-$20 per quilt (depending on size). I will either trim to the edge of your top or 1/4″ past the edge, whichever you prefer. If you would like your excess batting and backing to be returned to you with your quilt, let me know. Otherwise, it will save you shipping costs to receive only your trimmed quilt. I will not cut into your top in any way to square your quilt. I will only trim to the edge.

Return Shipping: Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the client. I do offer free return shipping on quilting services of $200 or more per quilt.*

Referral Program: As a way to say thank you to my clients, I offer a referral program. For every new client who books with me based on your referral, you will get a free batting** on the next quilt you book with me.


* The $200 is on a per quilt basis and applies only to quilting services. So, if you send me a couple of quilts at once and only one of those has a $200 (or more) quilting job, I’ll box and ship them separately, and the one will be on me. If you send me a couple at a time and neither of them individually reach $200 but they do together, the promotion does not apply. Batting charges do not apply towards the $200.

**The batting will be one of the options that I currently carry in my studio. 

Payment and Scheduling:

I accept PayPal. By law, I am required to collect sales tax (7.25%) from Ohio state residents. Return shipping costs (through USPS) will be added to your final bill. I strongly urge all my clients to insure their packages both on their way to me, and on the way back home. Before I send you your final invoice, we will discuss insurance.

A deposit of $50 is required in order for me to schedule your quilt. This deposit is not refundable. The remaining balance is due upon receipt of your final invoice.

I will let you know when I have received your quilt top so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost in the mail! I will treat your top like it is my own. I know how much time and effort goes into piecing a top, and I will not send you something that I’m not absolutely proud of. If you have any questions, please let me know!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: I do exclusively freehand quilting. I do not own a computerized system or any pantographs at all. This means that if you are interested in an edge to edge design that requires very precise spacing (for example, Baptist Fans), I am just not the quilter for the job! That’s okay- sometimes a top is really calling out for these sorts of designs, and the fact is that I do not take quilts I don’t believe that I can do an amazing job on, so I always refer those quilting jobs out. I would still love to work with you on another top, and the best place to see the kinds of quilting that I do is in my Gallery or my Instagram page.